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15-Inch MacBook Air Rumored to Launch in April as Display Production Underway

Posted on February 13, 2023, 3:51 pm
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Apple began production of the display panels needed for its new 15.5-inch screen. MacBook Air This month: to Display industry analyst Ross YoungHe has an impressive track record of rumors concerning future Apple products in the last few years.

In tweet Young told his subscribers that he anticipates the new. MacBook Air to launch in “early April” Although display production is underway now, it’s possible for an announcement or pre-orders to be made sooner. Apple holds spring events quite often to Launch new products such as as in March 20, 2222 April 2021.

The largest display option for this size would be a 15 inch version. MacBook Air. The model larger would likely be sold with the 13-inch existing model. MacBook Air With the release of M2, the chip in July 20,22; Prices start at $1,199

Young has not provided any further details on the new model. This includes whether the chip will be the M2 or next-generation, 3nm-based, M3 chips. Apple does not have these information yet. to announce. TSMC is Apple’s chipmaking partner and began mass production 3nm-chips in It’s not clear if M3 will be available by December. April.

Launch of the 15-inch version MacBook Air This spring’s M2 chip is the focus of much debate, as Apple is also being rumored to be involved. to Plan! to Keep updating the MacBook Air With the arrival of M3 chips later in this year, there will only be six to There are eight months between each of these renewals in This is the scenario. This scenario is a result of the new MacBook Air Models are on the horizon, and hopefully there will be more rumors. to Make sure you are clear about the situation.

Young is the Chief Executive Officer of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). (DSCC). MacBook ProMotion would be available on Promodels. The sixth-generation iPad mini will have an 8.3 inch display. MacBook Air You would get a 13.6 inch larger display and even more.

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