Two people were arrested by authorities Saturday New York’s Pennsylvania Station and seized a large hunting knife and an illegal firearm with a 30-round magazine in What they called a “developing threat to the Jewish community.”

The New York Police Department “strategically deploying” Ressources to “sensitive locations” Keechant Lee Sewell, police commissioner, declared that there was a threat to the city. in A statement.

Commissioner Sewell did not elaborate Describe the nature of the threat and provide information about those who were arrested.

Two law enforcement officers with knowledge of the situation spoke out against violence to Jewish Sites, including “shooting up a synagogue,” These were made recently in There was a reference to social media posts to Friday: A violent act.

One official stated that the additional deployments were necessary. in The arrests that followed were made as a precaution and not due to specific threats.

Commissioner Sewell stated, “A joint-terrorism taskforce of the Police The threat was discovered by the Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other investigators on Friday “moved swiftly to gather information, identify those behind it and operationally neutralize their ability to do harm.”

Late Friday, the authorities issued an alert in they identified a man who they believed had made recent threats to synagogues in The New York area.

They claimed that Christopher Brown, a man with a history of mental illnesses, expressed an interest recently. in Coming to New York City to Purchase a gun

According to a law enforcement official, Mr. Brown was among the two arrested. in Saturday, Penn Station. The second person arrested by the police was not identified publicly by the police.

Commissioner Sewell “sharp-eyed M.T.A. police officers” They were just entering Penn Station when the officers arrested them.

William K. Rashbaum Chelsia Rose Marcius Contributed reporting