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Technology is a bridge the There is a gap between the The digital and physical worlds. It allows us to connect and opens up communication channels in our professional and personal lives. Being able to infuse these conversations — no matter where or when they occur — with emotional intelligence and empathy has become a top priority for leaders eager to help employees become more effective and genuine communicators.

However, the human emotion Communication is often a secret variable that can change at any time. In customerFor example, a representative who is facing the public might be sad to hear that someone has left. customer Are you requesting insurance coverage? Or are you stressed out when a caller calls. The emotional volatility surrounding customer Experiences require additional layers of support in order to meet changing needs and growing expectations.

The rise in emotion AI

It is amazing how fast this happens emotion It is possible to change and it has become more crucial for technology innovations that understand universal human behavior. Humans have evolved to use non-lexical signals that are not linguistic to communicate how they feel about conversations. Analyzing these behaviors, like speaking pace or conversational pauses, can help us to understand voice-based communication. emotion AI It is possible to reliably extract insights for better interactions

This type of emotion AI It uses a radical new approach to facial recognition technologies and is more accurate and ethically navigable AI usage. Leaders of customer-facing companies and organizations must raise their standards. emotion AI Focus on the outcomes that will boost the They support their employees’ emotional intelligence and help them to make better decisions. customer experiences.


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Emotion AI This is not a new technology concept. Although it has been around for many years, the technology has recently gained more attention and momentum as more companies look into how to apply it to specific uses cases. Here are three examples. ways That customer-facIng organizations can use voice-based emotion AI in the To elevate your enterprise customer experience initiatives:

Increase self-awareness

Take a look at emotion AI as a social signal-processing machine that helps users perform better, especially when they’re not at their best. In the World of customer experienceRepresentatives experience many highs, and lows. These interactions can be difficult and draining. Real-time support is essential. the difference.

These situations are comparable to driving a car. While most people can perform basic driving skills, they may not be able to drive well when tired after a long day or night shift. Additional support tools like lane detectors are available. emotion AI Is the workplace equivalent. It can provide real-time feedback to improve interactions with other people. the An increase in self-awareness leads to deeper emotional intelligence. Better emotional intelligence will ultimately lead to greater success. customer Service interactions are possible.

Employee confidence and well-being can be improved

Customer experience It is intrinsically tied with employee experience. In fact, 74% of consumers Unsatisfied or unhappy employees can cause harm customer experiences. Employees should not expect to be engaged and work at their best every day.

Emotion AI You can reduce anxiety and self-doubt about performance by supporting individuals through difficult situations and encouraging them during the positive. This extra support and confidence encourages employee engagement and makes it possible for employees to thrive. Any investment that improves work experience and streamlines workflows is a good way to increase employee engagement and achieve ROI across multiple enterprise units.

Understand the customers’ state

You should consider the Let’s not forget the driving metaphor. While it’s vital to ensure a tired driver receives the They will receive the assistance they require to return home safely the The context is important the difference.

Call center representatives consistently multitask — conversing with customers while updating or identifying records, seeking to find a solution and managing inquiries promptly. Utilizing voice-based emotion AI To analyze the Both ends of the spectrum the Line can give you the information you need to connect and perform. When emotion AI Can identify customers who are “highly activated” Agents are better equipped to assess the situation if they are agitated or angry. the Situation and Find the best approach forward. Expanding situational awareness around customers’ mental states and analyzing the Enterprises can improve call outcomes by using data.

Investing in emotion AI As we look around, technology is more important than ever. the future. Forrester’s 2022 U.S. Consumer Experience Index It was found that the country’s average CX score fell for the After years of positive, consistent growth, this is the first time that it has happened. There are many factors that can influence the outcome, including supply chain shortages and other external influences. the Great Resignation the The reality is that customers now have higher expectations. the Businesses they interact with are no longer able to perform below their potential.

Find opportunities to ignite emotion All the Technology is essential to enhance service interaction between customers and enterprises. customer satisfaction. It’s up to organizations to invest in technology that celebrates and improves emotional intelligence for continued success — and it starts with introducing technology like emotion AI.

Josh Feast is the CEO and cofounder at Cogito.


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