Ms. Goncalves posted an Instagram photo on the same day that the murders took place in which she and three other victims were pictured together. Ms. Mogen is wearing an outfit that she got from a friend. “Idaho” sweatshirt. He sits on Ms. Goncalves’ shoulders, while Mr. Chapin wraps Ms. Kernodle’s arm around his.

Two weeks ago, Ms. Kernodle posted a series photographs of Mr. Chapin celebrating his birthday. One photo showed the pair dressed up as the main characters from the movie. “Ratatouille,” with Mr. Chapin dressed as a cook and Ms. Kernodle as the character’s friend and co-worker, a rat.

“Life is so much better with you in it,” Ms. Kernodle added a caption to the photos.

Egann Willis, a former classmate of Mr. Chapin’s at Mount Vernon High School in Washington State, said Mr. Chapin had been a great basketball player for the school team, the Bulldogs, and had graduated in 2021 before attending the University of Idaho.

“Ethan was the kind of kid who would light up a room and always had a smile on his face,” Mr. Willis spoke. “None of us can accept that this has really happened to such an innocent individual.”

“Ethan was truly special,” Jacob Perez was the first to meet Mr. Chapin as children while they were playing together in sports. He then went on to high school with him. “I don’t think I have a single video or picture of him where he isn’t cheesing ear to ear or doing something goofy.”

According to Mr. Perez, he was also confused about the events and was trying to understand them. “He had everything going for him,” Mr. Perez said. “It’s really a shame.”

Jackie Fischer, the owner of Mad Greek in Moscow, stated that Ms. Kernodle had worked there as a server for several years and she was there two to three days per week.