California was hit hard by two week-long storms, and thousands were without power. 49ers tight end George Kittle, were supposed to significantly affect Saturday’s wild-card game between the 49ers The Seattle Seahawks. However, just prior to kickoff the rain stopped and the sun rose. 49ers Continued to The dominant force Seahawks, 41-23, to In advance to Round two of the divisional round.

Brock Purdy (the 49ers’ rookie quarterback, also shined in his playoff debut. Purdy, the final pick in the 2022 National Football League Draft. Draft and began the season as the team’s third-string quarterback, threw for 332 yards and three touchdowns. Christian McCaffrey, running back, added 119 yards to the ground. Deebo Sampson, receiver for Deebo Samuel, collected 165 yards overall and a touchdown.

After the first period, Seattle was leading 17-16. San Francisco, however, responded with 25 points unanswered to The second is the most important.

Purdy’s best play of the game came in the fourth quarter when he spun out of what looked like a surefire sack and found 49ers For a touchdown, Purdy ran back Elijah Mitchell. Purdy was then successful in throwing a pass to Kittle makes a two-point conversion. to Put the 49ers Up by 14. Samuel caught another short pass later on in the quarter and ran for a touchdown of 74 yards.

This drive effectively brought an end to the game. Seahawks Geno Smith, quarterback, threw an intercept on the Seahawks’ next possession. Smith completed 253 yards of throwing and scored two touchdowns. DK Metcalf, a receiver, caught 10 passes for 136 yards.