Alex was a victim of a murder trial Murdaugh, the A disgraced South Carolina lawyer, accused of the murders his wife and son was closing in on Thursday. the Mysteries, ways and machinations from a fallen legal family.

The closing arguments are now complete the The jury started deliberating about whether Mr. MurdaughMaggie (54), was shot to death by her husband. MurdaughPaul (52), and his younger brother, Paul MurdaughNear 22 the Dog kennels the family’s rural hunting estate in Islandton, S.C., in June 2021.

The prosecution argued that Mr. Murdaugh committed the To divert attention away from his financial ineptitudes, they claimed were about to become public. He testified in his defense. Murdaugh On the He admitted that he had stolen millions from his client’s law firm but kept his innocence. the His wife and his son are both dead.

Here’s what to know about the case:

He finally admitted that after denying the truth for 20+ months, he had been at the Alex was found dead in his dog kennels after his wife and son were killed by gunshots. Murdaugh He confessed to lying about where he was. He actually testified that he was at the The kennels were briefly used that night before being taken away. the murders.

But the Only after his son Paul captured a video that confirmed his presence at court, was he allowed admission.

Take the Stand in your defense Mr. Murdaugh According to his lawyer, he said that he only had been there for about a minute and then left. the He was driven from his home to visit his mother, who lives about fifteen minutes away. He claimed that he came back an hour later and found his relatives dead.

He laid the blame for his lies on the Paranoia and distrust by police are two reasons why paranoia was sparked from opiate dependence. the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is a state-funded investigative agency. Mr. Murdaugh He testified that he feared that the admission that he was at would be made. the kennels before the The murder of another person would be a crime the He will be treated as suspect by police

“I lied about being down there,” He said: “and I’m so sorry that I did.”

For Mr. Murdaugh’s account of his whereabouts on the Night of the killings.

Their case was thwarted by the lack of evidence. Investigators haven’t found the They claim that Mrs. MurdaughThey have not found any the Paul was shotgunned to death Murdaugh.

On the other hand, there was not any blood. the white shirt that Mr. Murdaugh was wearing when police arrived after he called 911 — it would have been covered in blood and body matter, his lawyers argued — and the Mrs. Murdaugh’s fingernails.

Mr. Murdaugh’s lawyers sought to portray the Police investigate as lazy, noting that Mrs. Murdaugh’s phone from the Day of the Killings have been overwritten Two deputies were from the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office admitted that tire tracks from the The crime scene was driven to and stepped upon, while another deputy claimed he had walked close to one. the victims’ bodies without covering his shoes.