TOKYO: A magnitude 6.1 earthquake was detected in central Tokyo Japan On Monday, shake Tokyo According to officials, there was no tsunami warning for other cities.
According to Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), the earthquake occurred at 5:09pm GMT (809 GMT). It struck off central Mie prefecture at a depth approximately 350 kilometres (217 mi).
The facility was free from any reports of injuries or damage, and no anomalies were found. Fukushima According to NHK public broadcaster, nuclear plants.
The US Geological Survey also measured a magnitude of 6.
Fukushima prefectures and Ibaraki prefectures north of Tokyo experienced stronger shaking of Japan’s seismic spectrum, despite them being hundreds of kilometers from the epicentre.
Shinkansen The Tokyo metro and bullet trains were temporarily halted after the earthquake, but they have resumed operations.