JAKARTA – A 6.2-magnitude Erdbeben Hit off Coast of Indonesia’s The US Geological Survey reports that Sumatra Island was discovered on Monday morning.
The epicenter of all things quake At a depth 37 kms, it was located 48 kilometers (30 miles) to the south-southeast from Singkil, Aceh province. USGS said.
It took place at 6:30 AM local time (2220 GMT). USGS This was an improvement on the original measurement, which was 6.0 magnitude and had a depth of 48 kilometers.
Indonesia’s Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, (BMKG), also placed it at 6.2 and stated that there wasn’t a threat of a tsunami, while country’s disaster agency claimed there weren’t immediate reports of major casualties.
“The earthquake caused people to panic. It was felt between 3-10 seconds in four districts in Aceh and North Sumatra province,” Abdul Muhari was a spokesperson for the BNPB Disaster Mitigation Agency.
Due to its location in the Pacific, Indonesia is subject to frequent volcanic and seismic activity. “Ring of Fire”The place where the tectonic plates meet.
The November 21st, a 5.6 magnitude was observed quake Hit the populous West Java 600 people were killed in the province of Java.
The majority of victims died when buildings fell or landslides occurred.
Sumatra’s December 26th 2004 quake was the deadliest. off A tsunami in the Indian Ocean that claimed 230,000 lives.
The powerful 9.1-magnitude quake The 30-metre-high (100-foot), waves caused by the tsunami hit Banda Aceh, Sumatra.