Six people lost their lives on Saturday when a small plane traveling to Las Vegas from an airport crash. in Murrieta in California, authorities have said.

When emergency services arrived, they found an aircraft that was engulfed. in Flamingos in Field outside French Valley Airport the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said. The department reported that the six victims were all pronounced dead upon arrival.

The identity of the victims was not available immediately.

Around 4:15 am local time, the crash of a Cessna C550 was reported. Officials said that about an acre was burned before firefighters were able to contain the fire more than an hour after it started.

Harry Reid International Airport had been the origin of this flight in According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which investigates the accident with the National Transportation Safety Board, the plane crashed in Las Vegas around 3:15 am.

Elliott Simpson is an N.T.S.B. At a press conference held on Saturday, Elliott Simpson, an N.T.S.B. a foggy marine layer of air mass The pilot was unable to see the runway due to the fog that had engulfed the area.

M. Simpson stated that the pilot had informed the air traffic control towers of his intention to use a missed-approach procedure. Missed approaches are used when pilots cannot see a runway and attempt to land later.

Simpson stated that air traffic controllers had approved the procedure so the pilot could make a second landing attempt. Mr. Simpson said that the aircraft crashed 500 feet shy of a landing runway when it was attempting an instrument approach.

“It appears that the weather was at the minimums for landing at that airport, so the visibility and ceilings allowed for a landing — but it was right on the minimums,” “Mr. Simpson” said.

He stated that the N.T.S.B. The N.T.S.B.

Just days earlier, another plane crashed and killed a number of people. in The area.

A single-engine Cessna 172 crash occurred on Tuesday shortly after taking off from French Valley Airport. in Murrieta has 113,000 inhabitants and is located approximately 80 miles to the southeast of Los Angeles. the sheriff’s department said.

At the scene, it was determined that the pilot had died. The authorities identified the pilot Jared Newman is a 39 year old resident of Temecula about 60 miles north-east of San Diego.

Local officials reported that three juvenile passengers had been taken to hospital in various states of injury. On Saturday, their conditions weren’t immediately known.

The crashes at French Valley Airport, according to Mr. Simpson “could be completely unrelated — it’s early days.”

Eduardo Medina Contributing reporting