PARIS: A knife attacker Six people were injured in Unprovoked Attack in Paris‘ busy Gare du Nord train station Wednesday morning before being shot by policeAccording to the French interior minister,
The attacker had assaulted several individuals, including one of his own. police With a “bladed weapon” Around 6:43 Gerald Darmanin He told reporters on the scene. He stated that the attacker was not known. “between life and death” in A hospital.
A border and several passengers police According to authorities, officers were among those who sustained injuries. According to officials, the officer was stabbed in Back by However, the attacker was stopped by rescuers by A bulletproof vest Darmanin said. One of the victims sustained serious injuries. in Taken to the emergency room for treatment of the shoulder blade.
Darmanin thanked him police “for their effective and courageous reaction.”
Video of the Gare du Nord, one of the French capital’s busiest commuter stations, showed an eerie calms as dozens of police Huddled together near the Eurostar Terminal entrance in Areas are kept off the public.
No particular motive has yet been suggested, even terrorism. by authorities.