AL RAYYAN, Qatar — The whistle blew on the United States at this World CupThrough the loudspeakers of Khalifa International Stadion, a Version in Dutch “Auld Lang Syne.”

This song is well-known to Americans as a New Year’s Eve anthem, played just at the moment between two distinct phases of time, a Change the calendar. So it was for This is the U.S. soccer team a Chance to Refrain from judging what is now. to resolve for Future improvements

The 3-1 winners from the Netherlands were the winning team. to The quarterfinals were danced in a huddle. The Americans stood silently outside, with their hands on their hips.

“It’s frustration to begin with,” Tyler Adams, United States Captain, said about the complex emotions. “But after reflecting for that quick moment, you could just really sit here and think it’s probably the first time in a long time where people will say, ‘Wow, this team has something special.’”

This year’s U.S. team was seen as young and talented, the second-youngest roster in the tournament, with the youngest starting lineup. But this World Cup Is a bit mistimed, perhaps, for a It is a program that believes it to be a Few years until full bloom.

Qatar’s goal is to achieve at least to Most fans and commentators, perhaps even to Some of them are very close to The team was to You will advance to the next stage in the group stage to Reach the 16th round. This was achieved. The success rate of goals increases with every success. to The Dutch were met with heartbreak and then perspective.

A disappointing game. A It was a very good tournament. A Bright future.

“When you put four performances like that out on the field, it really gives people something to be excited about,” Adams said.

They felt they matched up well against the Dutch, which was what the Americans believed. An earlier tie against England was also recorded. a The defeat of a They had to adjust their ambitions heading because of Iran’s poor economy to The knockout phase.

“We had a lot of really bright spots in this tournament, enough to move forward,” Walker Zimmerman was the defender. “That’s what makes this loss hurt.”

They lost the opportunity to live in the moment. They found expectation.

It was a Tease for Fans on Saturday, their emotions rising or falling. It is. a Tease for Four years from now, the fans for a World Cup to Canada, Mexico and the United States host the event.

“It’s hard in the moment, just because the World Cup is every four years — it makes it so unique, and so painful, when you know how long you have to wait to get back to this stage,” Zimmerman, “It doesn’t mean we’re going to stop being hungry. It doesn’t mean we’re going to stop thinking about winning a World Cup. But it makes it hurt when you know you have four years to wait.”

The game was closer than the score, at minimum early in the game, and then briefly later, which added to The disappointment.

Christian Pulisic had previously left the Iran game for The hospital after a It almost scored its only goal in the first half against the Netherlands, but collided. He collapsed in the box alone. a quick shot off the goalkeeper’s leg.

The Netherlands scored with the Netherlands in the 10th minute a It used the strategy several times. It sent a To the right, ball into a There was a gap between the defenders and Memphis Depay, who had raced back toward goal. Memphis Depay took two steps into the box for the first time. a shot past goalkeeper Matt Turner.

It was only the second goal that the Americans had allowed in the tournament, and the first that wasn’t a Penalty kick.

With just 30 seconds remaining in the first half, the Dutch scored the second goal. Denzel Dumfries worked again for free amid a slow-footed defense, again centered a pass a The ball was thrown back upfield. Daley Blind was this time the enthusiastic recipient. Turner waved his arms in anger at the defeated defenders in front.

“That was brutal,” Turner spoke about the second goal. “It was off a throw-in. There’s no real excuse for it. Everything that could have went wrong on that play did.”

But, like his teammates, Turner stepped back, figuratively, when asked about the team’s future, a Talks that may be recast a This is the bit after that World Cup run.

“There’s a tremendous potential, and if you don’t see that, I don’t really know,” Turner stated. “We played England, we played the Netherlands and we gave both teams really, hard, hard times.”

Some of that potential was demonstrated by the Americans in the second-half. Energy improved. Chances came and went. Turner made several important saves as the defense tightened. to Keep the game within reach.

Pulisic, who was on the right, moved towards the goal in the 76th minutes. a Low pass that struck the right foot of substitute striker Haji Wing, who lifted it up and passed it over Andries Noppert (6’8″)

The Americans gained momentum and suddenly it was 2-1. They had a chance. The Dutch scored another goal five minutes later. But something else had already begun — growing expectations.

The whistle signaled the end of one phase and the beginning of the next. It might have been more fitting to use the song that made the Dutch dance. for The Americans.

A Time to reflect, a Time to resolve.