Ms. Wedatalla turned down an interview request and failed to explain why her concerns had not been raised before. the Image was displayed. She stated in an email that she had images of Prophet Muhammad should never be displayed, and that Dr. López Prater gave a She knew that such images could be offensive to Muslims and she was triggering a warning. She said that the lecture was so troubling that she couldn’t see herself anymore in it.

Four days after the class, Dr. López Prater was summoned to a Video meeting the dean of the College of liberal arts, Marcela Kostihova.

Dr. Kostihova described showing the Use this image a racial epithet for Black people, according to Dr. López Prater.

“It was very clear to me that she had not talked to any art historians,” Dr. López Prater said.

A Couple of weeks later, the University rescinds offer to teach next semester

Dr. López Prater said she was ready to move on. She Previously held teaching positions at schools. David Everett became a teacher at another school on November 7, 2007. the The vice president of inclusive excellence sent an email message to all employees of the university stating that actions taken during an online class had been deemed unacceptable. “undeniably inconsiderate, disrespectful and Islamophobic.”

Following a meeting with administration the school’s Muslim Student Association, would host an open forum “on the subject of Islamophobia,” He wrote.

Dr. López Prater, who had only begun teachg at Hamline in the Fall, she said that it felt to her. a Bucket of Ice water was poured over her head but she refused to drink it. the The shock quickly gave way. “blistering anger at being characterized in those terms by somebody who I have never even met or spoken with.” She Reached out to Dr. Gruber who wrote the final draft the Essay and Starting the petition.