PETERSBURG, VA – The University of Virginia student accused of fatally shooting three school football players was hit with more charges Tuesday, connected to The two surviving victims The attack.

Two counts of malicious injury were brought against the prosecution by the prosecutor Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. UVA Marlee and Michael Hollins are both football players at the university. according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  

Morgan’s identity as the fifth victim was not revealed until the new charges The charges were brought against the gunman.

Jones Jr., 22 years old, is already facing three counts of second-degree murder charges in the tragic deaths of football players Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry.

Hollins, of Baton Rouge, was in critical condition following Sunday’s shooting, but pulled through and is doing well after his second surgery, a family representative told WDBJ-TV Tuesday.

Previously in the ICU, Hollins, a junior running back, is off a ventilator, awake and communicating, said the law office of Gordon McKernan on behalf of Hollins’ family.

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. is being charged with three counts of second-degree murder charges Tragic deaths of three footballers.
Albemarle County Sheriff
Students and community members gather for a candlelight vigil
Family members Jones Jr. shared that he was bullied as a child.
AP/Shaban Athuman

Jones Jr. in the meantime is expected to As his family is still shocked by the shooting, he will make Wednesday’s first court appearance.

Jones Jr.’s grandmother, Mary Eliza JonesThe Post via her door Tuesday, a woman told The Post that she could tell “that things weren’t going well” at UVA For Jones Jr., after having seen him in the fall before he returned to school.

“I know he had a downfall,” she said about her grandson’s state of mind. “I believe he had some problems there,” She said that she was referring to to UVA.

Jones’ father, Christopher Darnell Jones Sr. told NBC 12 Monday was the day his son said it to him “some people was picking on him” “he didn’t know how to handle it.” The father stated that he had told his son. to It is best to ignore it.

Jones Jr. was subject to teasing for a decade back. with Mary Jones Her grandson was made fun when he turned 12 years old, and she recounts the story. with her.

“All I know was he was teased a lot,” She spoke of the time. 

She spoke out Jones Jr.’s mother told her Monday about the deadly shooting.

D'Sean Perry
D’Sean Perry was one of the fatal victims From the tragic shooting.
University of Virginia
Devin Chandler
Devin Chandler was one UVA players killed.
University of Virginia
Lavel Davis Jr.
Lavel Davis Jr. was killed by a former teammate.
University of Virginia
Mike Hollins
Mike Hollins had a critical condition but was able to pull through.
University of Virginia

“I can’t get this thing with my grandson off my mind,” Mary JonesHe noted that he used to Go to Church with She will sing with the choir.

“I am not only shocked, I am dumbfounded. I am not the same person I was. I was sick and now I’m sicker than sick,” She spoke in a low voice. “It’s not who he was. It’s some reason this happened…and only he knows it.”

“That’s not who he is,” Mary Jones Additional information is available. “That’s not who he was. I can’t fathom it. I’m a Christian and I keep praying for the victims.”

Jones Jr. is accused of opening fire on a bus returning from a field trip Sunday. He then led authorities in a 12-hour manhunt until he was finally caught.

University of Virginia in Charlottesville
View of flowers at Scott Stadium’s temporary memorial in memory of three Virginia footballers.

Marlee Morgan, a Houston finance major, was the last victim to be identified. She is one of two survivors. to The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Her connection to The other victims or suspect is unclear and it’s unknown what her condition is.

At a Monday press briefing UVA President Jim Ryan stated that he had spoken to One of the surviving victims He was in good condition while the other victim was in critical, according to the newspaper.

Hollins was on a ventilator and sedated the day of Ryan’s statements, reported.

The three fatal victims – Chandler, Davis Jr. and Perry – were remembered in an emotional vigil Monday night.