New Jersey’s father is the father of a teen Adriana Kuch — who took her life earlier this month — is preparing to sue The school District for Failure to Address the bullying that they feel led to His attorney confirmed Friday that she had committed suicide.

“We are exploring all possible legal claims arising from the tragic passing of Adriana Kuch,” William A. Krais was the attorney who represented Adriana’s father, Michael Kuch, said in a statement to The Post, Friday.

“This includes possible claims against Central Regional High School in Bayville, NJ.”

Adriana14-year-old Judith died from suicide in February 2003, two days after being viciously beaten by her classmates at CRHS. Video of this confrontation was also circulated online.

Krais said Kuch’s family was filing a Tort Claims Notice against the Central Regional Board of Education in preparation for a legal battle.

“In the meantime, we will investigate not only the vicious bullying by Adriana’s classmates at the school, but also the administration’s lack of intervention and supervision leading up to this attack, and its failure to engage law enforcement immediately after the attack,” He stated.

“The administration’s role in Adriana’s tragic death will be brought to light, and Mr. Kuch will use every legal avenue possible to get to the truth, for his family and the community,” He went on.

Adriana Kuch was beat at school February 1.

Adriana’s death prompted widespread criticism of the district’s reported failure to The problem must be addressed. school’s ongoing bullying issues.

Following repeated criticisms from the public, Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides has abruptly resigned. Adriana’s family and student protests.

An exterior shot of Central Regional High School.
Central Regional High Schools is under fire after Kuch’s death.
Stefan Jeremiah, NY Post

Parents and students criticized the administration for their failures to Get involved to address the bullying at Thursday’s school board meeting, the area’s first since Adriana’s death.

“[Adriana] already reported numerous reports about how she was being bullied, and you guys just sat there and did nothing,” one of the teen’s friends, Hailie Engesser, told the board in the crowded Ocean County auditorium.

Several students came forward to tell their stories about being bullied at CRHS and claimed that the administration had repeatedly failed them. to These concerns should be addressed.

Michael Kuch, back right, with other members of Kuch's family at their home this week.
Michael Kuch, back right, with other members of Kuch’s family at their home this week.
Robert Miller

Even before Thursday’s emotional display, Michael Kuch told The Post last weekend that he would not rest until the district took accountability.

“I want that entire administration gone,” He stated.

The Kuch family’s apparently imminent action is not the only legal trouble facing the district this year: In Oct. 2022, former CRHS parent Rachael O’Dea filed a lawsuit against the district on behalf of her daughter, Olivia, who claims she was also neglected by administrators after being beaten and humiliated at school The last winter.

A video of Adriana's assault was posted on the Internet.
Video of Adriana’s assault was posted on the Internet.

“It’s a travesty that [the bullying is] continuing,” O’Dea told NJ Advance Media of Adriana’s death last week.

“There’s no accountability [from the school], there’s no changes being made. This isn’t something new to them.”