LAS VEGAS — N.F.L. Players are usually optimistic about how they will cope with the situation. the Violence and severe injuries are inherent to Their sport. They have seen it all — or at least they thought they had until they witnessed medical personnel compressing Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s chest Monday night when he went into cardiac arrest after making what appeared to Be a routine tackle

“I’ve never seen something where someone had been getting CPR and stuff like that on the field,” Patrick Mahomes the According to a Kansas City quarterback, reporters were informed Wednesday. “I don’t know if any of us have seen it. It hadn’t happened in such a long time, and you don’t think about that stuff when you’re stepping on the field.”

Mahomes was hesitant to answer the question of whether Kansas City should be hosting this weekend’s game.

“It’s hard for me to say,” He stated. “It’s not something that I can control either way.”

N.F.L. N.F.L. players will make a comeback to the Field to Near an emotional week that began with Hamlin’s life in jeopardy and ended with him still hospitalized but much improved and able to Once his breathing tube has been removed, Mahomes will be able to speak. Mahomes is one of the N.F.L. First N.F.L. to step onto the field since Hamlin’s collapse when Kansas City takes on the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday afternoon.

N.F.L. players are experts at blocking out distractions — family, the crowd, lingering injuries — and focusing on the task at hand. They may not even be capable. to escape the It is a feeling of being different.

“It’ll probably be in the back of people’s minds,” Raiders quarterback Jarrett Stidham said.

Hamlin (24) collapsed following his tackle on Tee Higgins (Cincy Bengals Receiver). the first quarter of a game shown on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

Hamlin received lifesaving medical care for more than 10 minutes. an An ambulance is backed onto the Bills and field players formed a circle around Bills player. Players Both the Bills and Bengals hugged one another before they wept. the Game was postponed.

That terrifying scene, just a few days ago, seemed a distant memory on Friday afternoon as hundreds of Kansas City fans — bedecked in red and buying drinks with team-branded credit cards — packed onto every available plane and flew west for what was supposed to It was, and may still be, an enjoyable weekend in Vegas.

The group kept their plans as they booked hotel rooms and tickets, but the problem was that there were already people who had purchased them. They were wrong. the They will probably feel less celebratory at the game, at least for the first time.

A variety of tributes will take place to Hamlin is at every N.F.L. This weekend’s games. This weekend will feature a “pregame moment of support” For him, No. He will have his No.

Hamlin may also appear in more subtle ways when players are not likely to be there. to Before they go on to the game, take some extra time during their pregame prayers. the field.

Maybe it’ll be back, but then? to Business as usual “It’s Raiders, and it’s Chiefs,” Andy Reid from Kansas City is the Coach “It doesn’t get any better than that, so we’re looking forward to going out there and playing them.”

Any hesitation will be a mistake to They are temporary, however. the Kansas City has to be aware of the consequences this game can have on its citizens. At 13-3 the Team has the Record for best in the A.F.C. Hopes and A.F.C. to Clinch a win in the First round the playoffs. With the N.F.L. Opting not to Resume the Bengals-Bills game that was postponed Monday night after Hamlin’s collapse, Kansas City would clinch a first-round bye if it beats the Raiders and the Bills lose to the Sunday, Patriots

Kansas City would be the home-field favorite throughout, even though it was the seed. the playoffs, however. To compensate for the Bills and Bengals end the Regular season: Played one less game than the Kansas City can play against other teams in certain scenarios the Always check the Bills the Bengals in the A.F.C. Championship game held at neutral sites to Later, it will be established.

Between 6-10 the Raiders play only to show their pride.