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After years of seemingly unstoppable growth the tech The industry is currently facing the “ultimate reality check” As it faces broader economic uncertainty and Waves of layoffs Airbnb CEO The Sunday Review interviewed Brian Chesky on Thursday.

“It’s like we’re all in a nightclub and the lights just came on,” Chesky said in Interview on “The Sunday Review This Morning.” After a Period of “exuberance and euphoria,” He added: “now we all have to, like, take a hard look at things.”

His comments are at a It’s a difficult time the tech industry. Meta, Facebook’s parent company said last week it was reducing 11,000 jobs after almost doubling its staff. the pandemic. Amazon confirmed this week that layoffs had started in According to reports, it will be cutting 10,000 jobs from its corporate workforce. Twitter has recently laid off approximately half its workforce as Elon Musk, its new owner, tries to boost its bottom line.

Airbnb It could be an exception. Chesky stated the Company is not going through layoffs at the moment. and in The fact is that hiring is a necessity. This is a good thing. in Large part of the At 25%, company reduces its staff the Start at the Pandemic the Travel industry was destroyed. and Attrition causes more job losses.

“Two-and-a-half years ago, we lost 80% of our business in eight weeks,” Chesky stated. “People were predicting we were going to go out of business.”

“We just hunkered down,” He added. “We rebuilt the company from the ground up, and we stayed really lean.” Chesky responded, “Now, Chesky!” “we’re stepping on the gas, we’re not putting on the brakes.”

While the Chesky suggested that hitting Silicon Valley’s Silicon Valley can be painful. a A more objective assessment of the The industry could also be an opportunity the tech Sector to rethink its position in Society, after years and years of criticism the The impact that its products can have on people.

“I think Silicon Valley has done so many amazing things for the world, but we have to be careful having a fetishization of new technology, as if the new technology is going to solve all the problems that the last technology created,” Chesky stated. “We need more diversity in Silicon Valley, but that diversity should not just be demographic diversity. We need artists, humanists in this industry.”