Amazon and European Union regulators are now at an agreement over Two very long-running antitrust In these cases the European Commission has announced, which it’s hoped will help make third-party sellers You will be more competitive Amazon’s marketplace. The agreement What does it mean? Amazon It will not be subject to fines which could reach into the millions of dollars but has made a number of legally binding promises that it must keep for at least seven years.

These commitments are in accordance with the July 2012 public statements. First, Amazon Agreed not to share nonpublic information from an independent source sellers Its Marketplace platform allows you to decide which products and at what prices you will sell them. Amazon has faced criticism from independent brands, who’ve accused the retailer of creating suspiciously similar versions of their own products like shoes or bags.

Second, Amazon is to adjust the design of its “buy box,” This section contains links to buy or add items to your shopping cart. You can find the following information: EU It is stated that this option will be discontinued in the near future Amazon’s own offers and The e-commerce company will add another box in order to promote an alternate deal, with a different delivery or price. “As Amazon cannot populate both Buy Boxes with its own retail offers, this will give more visibility to independent sellers,” The EU’s competition chief Margrethe Vestager said.

Finally, Amazon The restrictions will be reduced by the agreement of third-party Prime is a platform that allows retailers to sell their products. Prime will allow sellers to choose any carrier they wish, rather than being restricted to one. Amazon’s logistics services and Customers will not have to go through intermediaries in order to communicate AmazonYou can also change the following.

Conor Sweeney makes a statement. Amazon’s director for corporate communications in EMEA, said that the company is “pleased that we have addressed the European Commission’s concerns and resolved these matters.” He says, however that he believes it is important to note the following: Amazon Continues to disagree “several of the preliminary conclusions the European Commission made.”

Amazon You will be able to apply the changes across the European Economic Area (EEA) until June 2023. The separate implementation of these changes isn’t going to affect the Italian market. antitrust Its regulators will be taking action. Breach could lead to a civil penalty. Amazon Fines up to 10 per cent of the company’s annual turnover and 5 percent for every day it fails to comply with regulations could result.