Toto Wolff, principal of the Mercedes team, stated “everyone is really at the limit.” This has led to discussions between the F.I.A. (governing body of) Formula 1, and the Teams to Staff members would be required to observe a winter shutdown in accordance with the rules. to Take two weeks off during the winter, when you would not be permitted to work.

“I very much hope that we can do that for our staff,” Wolff spoke highly of winter breaks. “For the race team that’s clocking many airline miles, that’s a positive.”

He assured that staff would continue to work. “flat out between Christmas and New Year” This December to Prepare the Mercedes car for 2023. The same applies to you for All teams. There is less chance of change. to Automobiles for next year, redesigns won’t be significant.

“Last year was particularly difficult with a new car,” Andreas Seidl was the McLaren team principal. “One season just rolled straight into the next, and on the engineering side there really wasn’t much of a break. You can’t do that year after year.”

Next year, it will be even more crucial to protect time off. Formula 1 Plans to There are 24 races. But Formula 1 It will continue to end the season in November and host the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the 26th.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s founder, said that he prefers a “very packed season, starting late and finishing early.” His sporting director, Laurent Mekies, According to the calendar, “very well done for next year” You can make sure it finishes in November.

“Everybody will need to recharge, the team members and the drivers, getting ready for two more next year,” Mekies said. “If you add that with the enthusiasm that we see out there with the fans, and all the energy around the races, we are all going to go and rest, recharge and come back excited for next year.”