Ana Navarro isn’t having it with some Democrats’ responses to President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate efficiency final week.

“The View” co-host and CNN commentator took to Instagram on Wednesday to weigh in on pundits, donors, ex-Democratic officers and “anonymous sources” who’ve signaled that it’s time for the president to withdraw from the race.

“You want Joe Biden to step down? That’s fair. But you know what? The guy has served our country his entire lifetime since he was like 28 years old,” Navarro said.

She continued, “So I think he’s earned the right to a little respect. You want him to step down? Why don’t you call the fucking White House? Why don’t you call the campaign? Why don’t you call the DNC?”

“The View” co-host’s feedback arrive in every week of post-debate panic amongst Democrats.

Biden, in a name with Democratic governors on Wednesday, declared that “no one’s pushing” him out as he pledged to proceed on along with his marketing campaign.

Navarro, a Republican and staunch Trump critic, previously described Biden’s debate efficiency as “worrisome” however vowed to not hand over on the president till he declares that he’s “giving up” on his reelection bid.

She took to social media on Wednesday to blast pundits for hitting TV packages to criticize Biden in a transfer she likened to taking part in out a “telenovela in public.”

“And, in the meantime, Republicans are loving every minute, laughing as Democrats eat their own and go through a circular firing squad,” stated Navarro, who wrote on X that she’d again an “inanimate object” over Trump in November.

She added that individuals are discussing Biden’s psychological acuity whereas not speaking about whether or not former President Donald Trump is “morally fit to serve.”

“Because it’s not an if, the answer is no,” she stated. “But Democrats, instead of giving this president a little respect, they go straight to the media to be divas … I’m disgusted.”