Twitter CEO Elon Muss will eliminate the Twitter feature that details which device a tweet was sent to. This information has been controversial and has put Android developers in serious trouble.

Musk tweeted this morning, announcing that Twitter would eliminate the line “Twitter will no longer use” “Twitter for iPhone” Oder “Twitter for Android,” As such, it is a “waste of screen space.” He stated that “no one even knows” Why was this feature introduced?

Employees who promote Android-based smartphones using their iPhones have been caught several times by using device details. In 2019, for example, a Huawei employee wished Huawei followers a happy new year, but used an ‌iPhone‌ to do so. A screenshot of the tweet was shared virally, and employees were demotivated for the incident. “damage to the Huawei brand.”

Samsung employees have tweeted Samsung promos from iPhones multiple times Over the years, celebrities have also been in trouble. Gal Gadot was an actress who sang the praises about her Huawei Mate 10 Pro. tweeting from an iPhone.

Although it is unclear when the device labels would be removed, Musk stated that he has instructed Twitter employees to turn off unspecified features. Musk stated that he instructed Twitter employees not to use unspecified devices. “microservices” Bloatware, “less than 20% are needed for Twitter to work.”

Musk launched his $8 Twitter Blue subscription last week. This service provides verification badges that were previously only available to verified people. This caused chaos immediately with many people paying $8 to impersonate celebrities or companies. After a verified account, Eli Lilly, an insulin maker, saw its stock drop more than 4 percentage. impersonated the company proclaimed that insulin was now free. Another person was impersonated LeBron James He claimed he was asking for a trade while another account impersonated Nintendo, and tweeted an image showing Mario making a rude gesture.

Twitter decided to temporarily suspend the Twitter Blue verification. Users are therefore unable purchase Twitter Blue subscriptions. Twitter is considering another. “Official” Verification badge. It is not known how the company will resolve the problem.