Andy Cohen Is defending his actions following Ryan Seacrest suggested he snubbed him amid their New Year’s Eve broadcasts, which competed for viewership.

Recently, Ryan It appears to be shaded Andy’s 2022 coverage, suggesting alcohol consumption influenced Andy To make negative remarks about Ryan On the air. The said program also features the following: Live Streaming: See What Happens Host insinuated Ryan’s musical performers were ‘losers’ His viewers were not watching.

“Ryan, I don’t know, he’s got a big up about me two weeks in a row,” Andy during his Radio Andy SiriusXM Show on Wednesday via Us Weekly. “I don’t even know what. … I didn’t see [my co-host] Anderson [Cooper] turn around and wave. Usually what Anderson will do, and I should call him back and ask him about this, frankly. But I think he’ll yell at me if I do. Usually, if he’s waving at Ryan, he’ll say to me, ‘Hey, there’s Ryan.’ You know what I mean?”

Both programmes were successful at Times Square is and Andy noted that he’ll usually greet Ryan.

“And then I’ll turn around and wave or I’ll say, ‘There’s Ryan,’ but [Anderson] didn’t do that,” Andy continued. “Should I call him and yell at him about it?”

The Bravo executive then called the broadcast journalist to inquire about the incident.

“You probably don’t even know this because you’re dealing with, like, the House vote and all that,” Cohen first expressed.

Yet, Andy He was not available for comment. Ryan’s claim, Anderson interrupted to ask whether Andy We would “get me involved in a thing with Seacrest.”

“This is between you and I. This is a you and I thing because he said on the show that you very politely turned around and waved to him and mouthed to him have a good show and that I didn’t turn around,” Andy Anderson continued. Anderson then shared the following: Ryan Mouthed “Happy New Year” They will.

Anderson, although he was not normally notified of the incident in the past. Andy Wave at Ryan, he didn’t this year because Anderson believed his co-host had already greeted him.

“I just happened to turn, like, there were a couple times I looked to see if he was around and I hadn’t to see him. And then there was one time I just turned and he was there over by where they, you know, do that hourly, like, countdown,” Anderson said. “I saw him and we both waved and I said, you know, ‘Have a great new year’ or a ‘Have a great show.’ … [Andy,] you were talking [and] were involved in some producer [thing] and so I just didn’t [tell you to say hi]. I mean, it all happened so fast, it wasn’t a big deal. I mean, every year we always say hi to him. So I assumed maybe you had previously and I was just catching up.”

According to the journalist, “I’m sorry if that [was a] failing on my part, but yeah, I hope that didn’t contribute or anything. I thought I saw you, you know, waving or something.”

Andy claimed he “would have” Welcome Ryan He would be delighted to see you. “I was trying to get Duran Duran’s attention,” AndyHe seems to have addressed the reason he used to wave in this direction.