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Andy Cohen Continues to be misunderstood Bethenny Frankel’s Decision to launch a ‘Housewives’ Podcast, also known as ReWives.

Bravo producer and host initially supported the idea. Bethenny’s podcast, but he was “surprised.”

“I was a little surprised,” He said Page Six It was at that time. “But again, I was like, ‘Oh, this good, good for you.’ The more ‘Housewives’ podcasts the better.”

However, he’s since slightly changed his tune and thrown shade in Bethenny’s direction.

He was asked why he was surprised that a new podcast had been added to his iTunes. Sirius XM Radio Andy He said that he was unsure why she had been so busy for so long “trashing” The “toxic” Real Housewives of New York City Franchise, but she wants to relive an experience that she doesn’t want to be a part of.

“I was surprised at that because she’s been trashing the show for the last three years,” Andy remarked.

“You know, she’s been talking about that it’s toxic and it’s this and every bad thing you can think of,” Andy continued. “And now she’s doing a ‘Housewives’ recap podcast!”

Andy He continued to appear to agree with his host that Bethenny hasn’t been on his radar for a while — he only sees her negative quotes about the show when they make headlines.

“I guess I see her quotes, especially when they are negative about the show,” He claimed.

Bethenny’s former co-stars have also spoken out against Bethenny’s podcast. Luann de Lesseps It was so called “pathetic,” And Carole Radziwill She says that she created her brand by degrading other women.

Bethenny has defended her show, explaining that she exited the show because she wasn’t “proud of it,” and it’s her story to tell.

“For those of you who don’t understand why I did it, because I get that I walked away, I didn’t want to be a part of it, it wasn’t what I thought I should be doing at my life, and I wasn’t proud of it,” Bethenny Submitted Page Six.

“This is my perspective, my story, my show, my experience,” The JustB founder continued. “versus a situation where we didn’t control the editing, and we didn’t control the process, and we didn’t control who we surrounded ourselves with, and the trips we went on, we weren’t in charge.”

Many viewers expressed interest in seeing the film. Bethenny Return to the series in some capacity and perhaps as part of the RHONY: Legacy cast. However, Bethenny insinuated they couldn’t afford her. This is what they will get.

Bravo! Andy As of late, Housewives franchises have been experiencing difficulties. Ramona Singer She announced her resignation from RHONY After 13 seasons, there were mixed reactions from the fans. Plus, the show was rebooted. RHONY Cast, casting, new cast member Lizzy Savetsky Recently, she abruptly quit the reboot in mid-filming. This was citing hateful antisemitic threats and remarks from fans and allegedly some her co-stars.