Many asylum seekers are allowed to appeal their cases later after being released. in court. However, thousands are sent into detention centers where it can be difficult to get lawyers or collect evidence. the There are slim chances that you will win asylum.

Statistics have not been released by ICE. the Although nationalities of migrants are being detained behind bars, lawyers who regularly deal with migrants state that Russian asylum seekers seem to have been held at relatively high levels. in recent months — sometimes with bonds set in More than $30,000. Over $30,000.

“Proportionately, compared to people from other countries, there are more Russians being sent to detention,” Svetlana Kaff is an immigration lawyer based in San Francisco. She said that she has received a flood of requests for assistance.

Like the Young doctors who were held in Louisiana is where many people claim to have come from. the United States believing they would be welcomed by allies in America’s push for democracy in Russia Ukraine

Olga Nikitina fleeing Russia With her husband, who was in prison multiple times, they spent five months together. in the Similar facility to Ms. Shemiatina. “The whole time I was there, they treated us like garbage,” Ms. Nikitina, 33. “I called hotlines, but it did not help in any way”

Aleksandr Balashov (33) was her husband and was kept in detention for four years. in Batavia (N.Y.), where he claims officers told him that he and others had no rights since they had entered the illegally.

Ivan Sokolovski (25), another activist has been held in Pine Prairie for seven month. He lost his asylum case recently and fears that he will be expelled to his death. “It would have been more humane to be shot dead at the border than to be held in prison so long,” He said.