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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Apple Apparently Wants to Offer NFL Sunday Ticket to Apple TV+ Subscribers at No Extra Cost, But NFL Balks

Posted on December 16, 2022, 7:06 pm
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Apple Has not yet to Secure a deal NFL Sunday Ticket According to the package and talks, they could be extended into 2023. to A new report by Sportico (via The Verge).

NFL On Wednesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that negotiations were for Sunday Ticket You have arrived at a “very critical point,” With Apple This is the frontrunner for the rights. It is the NFL Originally planned to Although a contract was reached in the fall and the deadline for final terms is near, it has not been concluded. Goodell stated that there was no timeframe and that the negotiations are ongoing. NFLThese are the decisions made by. “based on getting the best outcome with the best party.”

Sportico According to the pricing Sunday Ticket This is the sticking point. Apple Wants to Inclusion Sunday Ticket Access at a $6.99 price Apple TV+ Subscription, no extra charges but with the following: NFL It isn’t happy at such a low price as it requires to “protect the interests” it is the parent company of Fox and CBS. Sunday Afternoon broadcast partners They will both pay for the NFL For the season 2023, $40 billion

Amazon and Disney both are keen to invest in this area. Sunday TicketThere are many other choices for you NFL. For months, rumors have been circulating that this is the case. Apple The “likely winner” You can find the NFL Sunday Ticket However, there was evidence of negotiations issues in the earlier part of this year. CNBC According to reports, Apple You wanted greater flexibility with your contracts than what was offered NFL I was interested in providing.

Apple In an effort to increase its sporting offerings, has increased them in the recent months. to Attract more subscribers to ‌Apple TV+‌. MLB has partnered with TV+ “Friday Night Baseball,” It has also signed a 10-year agreement with Major League Soccer, which is now in place to Next year, get started.

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