Apple Planned to introduce a $49 new product Apple Pencil This year, it was not compatible with iPhones but was scrapped the Plans at the Asia’s latest rumor, last-minute, is claimed.

According to a Weibo postShared on Twitter by DuanRui, Apple It was allegedly meant to be released the New‌Apple Pencil‌Codenamed “Maker” (or, more likely, “Marker”) at Its September 2022 event. the Only accessory can be launched at the eleventh hour for Unspecified reasons

To lower costs the The device was alleged to have no pressure sensing technology, or a rechargeable lithium battery. Instead, it used an onboard chips to power. the Stylus through the iPad or iPhone Screen, similar to how Samsung’s S-Pen stylus operates.

At $49 the Unreleased‌Apple Pencil‌ Would have been substantially cheaper than the First-generation, and second-generation‌Apple Pencil‌ Prices for models at There are two prices: $129 and $99 respectively

Unfortunately, the Source of the ‌Apple Pencil‌ Rumors are not proven to work, so the All claims should be taken with a pinch of salt. Also, it isn’t. the First time we hear rumors about an Apple Pencil Designed to work with iPhones. None of these have been realized.

However, the battery-less option is still available.‌Apple Pencil‌ This would go well with the latest tenth-generation ‌iPad‌, which comes with a USB-C port and requires an ungainly $9 Lightning dongle to work with the first-generation ‌Apple Pencil‌. But again, Apple Plans would be destroyed for It is not clear if an accessory was ever mass-produced.

If it were a thing, so many units were produced by AppleIf so, history suggests that some units will be leaked eventually. Would you like to welcome an‌Apple Pencil‌ for ‌iPhone‌? Let’s get in touch the comments.