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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Apple Has ‘Expressed Interest’ in NBA Streaming Rights

Posted on February 13, 2023, 11:59 pm
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Apple Has “expressed interest” in Acquiring an NBA According to a report by, streaming packages are now available CNBC. Apple Among other parties interested are Amazon, NBC Sports and NBCUniversal. in Reacquiring NBA games.

NBCUniversal wants to strike a deal which would permit it to broadcast playoff games on NBC, while some regular season games will be available only to the Peacock streaming platform. This report doesn’t give any details about potential buyers. Apple You might be interested in.

NBC had rights to the NBA These negotiations were inactive until Disney and Turner Sports bought them over 20 years ago. in April 2024. The NBA The company could choose to renew its Disney Sports contract or take bids from companies outside of the Disney Group, however there are still chances that it will do so. Apple You will be allowed to submit a bid.

CNBC This suggests that NBA Two packages could be created for bidding, each with three to four content partners.

Apple Has been actively involved in sports content in In an attempt to bring new viewers into the Apple The TV+ streaming service. Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball signed contracts with the company. MLS matches will be made available in February is the month for the MLS Season Pass, which costs $14.99 per monthly or $99 per year. Last spring, MLB content debuted with Friday Night Baseball.

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