Samsung Display apparently does things no one else can do Apple A component supplier is what you would want

That’s good news for the bottom line — the SE It is likely use An older OLED model, BOE Can use Parts inventory. But it’s not great news, as Apple It has tried to decrease its dependence on Samsung for displays. A new report from The Information This chart demonstrates how powerful Samsung is. Apple As one of only a few manufacturers that can mass produce high-end OLEDs according to their specifications. Samsung Display is able to do things no one else can. Apple Imagine what a component supplier might dream of: not letting Apple Engineers into the facility and refusing replacement of screens when there was a small flaw.

As much as Cupertino would like to cut ties with Samsung, it’ll likely be quite a few years before that becomes a reality. When and if it can get its MicroLED production up and running, Apple will likely start small And use Watches first. In the meantime, Samsung probably isn’t losing any sleep over the iPhone SE Order going to its rival. As The Elec Samsung has made the most of its LTPO OLEDs, as Samsung points out. for The iPhone The cost of 14 OLEDs (and probably 15 OLEDs) is more than double that of the legacy OLEDs. SE Will reportedly use. Maybe things will be different in a few years, but until then, it looks like Samsung’s display production lines will be plenty busy making OLED panels destined for high-end iPhones.