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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Apple Now Offering Depth and Water Seal Tests for Apple Watch Ultra

Posted on March 03, 2023, 3:39 am
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Apple Today published by a new support document Letting Apple Watch Ultra Users know they have the option to request an a Depth and Water Seal Try it! Apple To determine whether their watch has a depth gauge and The seals function properly.

It describes some scenarios where users may want their watches to be tested. This includes ensuring that the depth gauge functions properly. for People who have faith in it include for Divers and To check for In the event of an impact to the watch, there may be unseen damages.

‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ Owners can ask for a Depth and Water Seal Take a test for Their device via Apple”It’s normal online support channels. Apple The watch will be inspected visually. for Any damage visible and If your device looks intact Apple The water seals will be tested. and depth gauge.

The watch could become unusable if it is not detected. and The Depth and Seal Water The device could be rendered inoperable by testing, requiring a replacement fee if the issue isn’t covered by warranty.

Apple Does not specify if there will be a charge for You will have to confirm with them that you are using this service. Apple If you would like to have your watch tested, please let us know. Your watch will be sent once it has passed all the tests. AppleYou should return it within seven to ten days.

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