Apple Affidavit for restraining an investigation by The UK’s Competition authority to the company’s dominant position in mobile browsers (via) Reuters).

The Competition and Markets Authority launched in November a market investigation. Apple Google’s mobile browser and cloud gaming restrictions. CMA examined Apple Google’s “effective duopoly” That allows them to “exercise a stranglehold over these markets” For almost one year.

Notice filed with Competition Appeal Tribunal, earlier in the week lawyers representing Apple CMA should have its investigation reopened and ended. The regulator failed to meet the deadlines. With specific deadlines, the investigation had to be completed within 18 months. Apple Considers that this timeline was not properly followed, and should therefore be revised.

Tech regulation expert, as noted Zach Meyers, “Apple’s complaints are purely about procedural niceties” This and other “suggests that Apple wants to play hard-ball.” Developer of apps and intellectual property activist Florian Mueller believes This “this appeal could go either way.” If Apple The CMA might just wait until the winner UK’s New digital competition bill will be introduced into Parliament next month. This could allow for greater oversight and broad regulatory power.

CMA replied to AppleAppeal insisting on its right to defend itself and continuing the investigation in in accordance to the legal timetable. Additional statement by the CMA “We opened this investigation to make sure that UK consumers get a better choice of mobile web services and that UK developers can invest in innovative mobile content and services.”

CMA investigates Apple Uses high-level power to obtain extensive information Apple To draw legal conclusions and to implement legally binding remedies. This could include making orders. Apple To make significant changes in its practice. On the first hearing AppleThe appeal of’s will take place on Tuesday 24 January.

AppleGovernments around the globe are increasingly focusing on the ecosystem. in United States, Japan and South Korea are among the many countries that have expressed an interest in global regulators exploring big tech’s position on matters such as App Store policies, App Sideloading and Interoperability.

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