It’s now the calendar that has changed to March and Apple Rumored to be true to Between now and then, have at most three product announcements in mind and End of AprilIncluded is a 15 inch MacBook AirA new Mac Pro tower is now available at. and a new iPhone 14 color option.

We have listed below a summary of what we found. to You can expect to Apple This March and April This story is based upon rumors. The original publication was in English. in Februar and This page has been updated to reflect the most current information. and reporting.

15″ MacBook Air

MacBook Air Multiple Sizes Feature
AppleSupply chain of’s began producing display panels for new 15.5-inch displays MacBook Air in According to February to Ross Young is a display industry analyst and has an excellent track record in rumors about the future. Apple Products over the last few years.

Young anticipates that the new technology will be available. MacBook Air to launch in It is best to start early AprilHowever, it is an announcement and You can pre-order your items sooner. Apple Often, new products are announced in March with media releases or at an event Apple Newsroom Website, however it held an April Event in 2021 to A new iMac is now available, the iPad Pro Apple TV, and The AirTag is available in a purple color for the iPhone 12 as well. and iPhone 12 mini.

The largest display option for this size would be a 15 inch version. MacBook Air. The current MacBook Air Displays 13.6 inches and It was also offered as a laptop in Many years ago, the size was 11 inches. The new MacBook Air Still to be expected to An LCD panel should be installed, since the OLED display on the first OLED model is not anticipated. to Launched until 2024

The 13-inch version. MacBook AirThe 15-inch model is expected to be made available with M2 chips. Apple The M2 chip is up to A CPU that is 18% more efficient, up to A 35% faster GPU and Up to a 40% faster Neural Engine compared to The M1 chip.

Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst last year, claimed that a fifteen-inch screen was possible. MacBook With M2 and Optional M2 Pro Chips will be made available in The 2nd quarter of 2023 and later. Kuo claimed thisInterestingly MacBook It might not be. Air branding. If you are speculative, then it’s possible. Apple A 15-inch release could be possible MacBook That is between the MacBook Air and MacBook The Pros and the Cons AppleThe plans of the government remain to be seen.

New Mac Pro

Mac Pro Feature Teal
With the next Mac Pro, you will have access to AppleAccording to, the M2 Ultra chip is coming soon, making it the fastest Mac in history. to BloombergMark Gurman. He anticipates that the Mac Pro will be a better choice. to They have the same design and features as the 2019 model but do not offer user-upgradable RAM. A higher-end “M2 Extreme” Chip for the computer apparently was cancelled.

Gurman stated that Gurman made the announcement in January Apple A new Mac Pro with macOS 13.3 was being tested internally. It will be released publicly in spring 2013. to Apple. It is therefore possible to do so. Apple Could release both the Mac Pro and macOS 13.3 around March Or AprilHowever, there’s no timetable for this computer’s release in 2019. There is still a possibility that it will be announced at WWDC 2023. in June and later in The year.

All New iPhone Colors

iPhone14 Yellow Mock 3
Apple Usually, at least one new iPhone colour is released in March Or April, and A recent rumor suggested that the tradition might continue in this year.

Apple Plan to Make the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus available in This spring, yellow according to to Japanese blogger shares a Weibo article Mac Otakara. Apple The iPhone 11 was last available in a yellow color option in 2019 and The iPhone XR in 2018. The question of “if” is not clear. Apple Plan to Release a new colour for the iPhone 14 Pro models.

It is located at March 2022 event, Apple Apple has introduced an Alpine Green color to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, and A new color, Green for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. iPhone 13 mini. April 2021, Apple Made the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini available in Purple.

In previous years Apple The iPhone 7 has a brand new PRODUCT RED color and iPhone 8 series.