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Friday, May 24, 2024

Apple to Unveil New Full-Size HomePod ‘Fairly Soon,’ Says Gurman

Posted on January 17, 2023, 9:17 am
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Apple’s next-generation HomePod Launched “fairly soon,” According to to well-connected Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

Apple Original version discontinued HomePod In March 2021, it is reportedly due to Although sales were disappointing, the smart speaker is still loved by many and there are rumors of the return to full size. HomePod for some time.

Gurman Has previously said He does not anticipate the arrival of the new HomePod to Please be “revolutionary,” It will be more affordable, have an updated touch control panel at the top and the S8 Chip from the most recent, but it will also come with a lower price. Apple Watch models.

Apple Ming Chi Kuo, analyst has said the same thing Apple has been hard at work on an updated version HomePod This could happen in the first quarter 2023.

Gurman’s latest comments came after he corroborated rumors This Apple Is set to On Tuesday, two products are announced. Let’s not forget the clues in Canada’s regulatory database. Apple The next generation of MacBook Pros, both 14-inch models and 16-inch versions, could be revealed. However, nothing else has been confirmed.

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