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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Apple’s Custom MicroLED Displays Likely Heading to iPhone, iPad, and Mac After Apple Watch Ultra

Posted on January 15, 2023, 2:04 pm
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Apple It is possible to plan to Make custom microLED display to The iPhone, iPad and Mac The technology is introduced in a new version. Apple Watch Ultra Current schedule to Launch by 2024 (according to the plan). to BloombergMark Gurman,.

The latest issue of his Power On newsletterGurman claimed that Apple It has been six years in the development of microLED technology to create what will be the first custom-designed display by the company. This mirrors its previous work. Apple silicon. Gurman stated earlier this week that silicon. Apple Is planning to Introduce the new display technology using a different Apple Watch Ultra In 2024.

Apple According to reports, the company started its microLED project codenamed T159 in 2017. This display is meant to be used in conjunction with to Better color reproduction, brightness and color reproduction and Using different angles to make images appear more real “painted” Display glass, and Replace parts that are currently being supplied by Samsung and LG.

After The 2024 debut‌Apple Watch Ultra‌Gurman is optimistic Apple’s MicroLED custom displays to Expand to The ‌iPhone‌, potentially followed by the ‌iPad‌ and the Mac may be possible at a later time. He is a believer Apple’s Long-term planning is possible to Bring microLED displays to It could take a decade for all its products to emerge in the marketplace. Mac You are owing to The complexity of this technology in its early stages is staggering. For comparison, Gurman noted that the ‌iPhone‌ will have had OLED displays for over six years by the time they are expected to Visit to The iPad.

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