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Are oranges dyed to be that bright orange color? 

What is our winter favorite citrus fruit? dyed to be that brightWhat is your favorite shade of color?

Here’s your answer, straight from the FDA:

“Historically, it has been the policy of the Food and Drug Administration to allow the artificial coloring of the skins of mature oranges. It is a common practice to color the skins of oranges in certain orange growing areas of the country because of climatic or cultural conditions which cause the oranges to mature while still green in color.”

Nights are cool in the mornings. orange The harvesting season runs from January through April orange skins might not be quite “orange enough” to be Visually appealing produce aisle.

More shoppers are likely to shop to Buy brightly-colored fruits and vegetables because it is often associated with high levels of nutrients and juice concentration. Some may be even be edible. be Citrus Red can be used on citrus that is green.

Since you don’t consume the orange Peel, artificial dye is not supposed to alter the texture or taste of citrus. But, it is important to remember that when you buy your oranges, you also likely won’t know whether or not they’ve been dyedThere are currently no regulations that Forcing retailers to Let us know.

Oranges aren’t the only items in the produce section that They are artificially colored. You can also find other vegetables and fruits. that They have been recognized to be Artificial dyes are used to treat them. These include:

  • Red Delicious apples
  • Blueberries
  • Maraschino cherries
  • Red potatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Pickles

Some research has looked at dyes such as Citrus Red #2. to determine if they’re harmful for human consumption. The findings aren’t very encouraging.

If you’re not interested in eating artificially colored fruit, there are a few ways to Do not use dyes oranges You can shop instead at your local farmers market, food co-op or grocery store.

Buy organic to Use pesticides sparingly and avoid any artificial additives

You can find citrus that has been grown in Arizona and California, which are two states. that ban Citrus Red!!

You have it. oranges Are dyed to Make sure to catch your eye.

Next time you’re at The grocery store, remember that the bright Some hues might not be suitable for you. be It’s so normal.