Arizona Secretary This is State Adrian Fontes (D), requested Monday an investigation. “appropriate enforcement action” For Kari Lake lost the Republican gubernatorial race to be a Republican because of a tweet that was allegedly in violation of state law.

In a letter addressed to the state’s attorney general, Kris Mayes (D), Fontes argues that Lake’s post from Jan. 23, in which she falsely claims nearly 40,000 ballots were “illegally counted,” A subsection in Arizona law is violated by referencing an image with 16 voter signatures.

“The protections afforded by this subsection prohibit posting any information derived from voter registration forms or precinct registers to the internet, and under no circumstance may a person other than the voter or an statutorily authorized person reproduce a voter’s signature,” Fontes wrote the letter. cited by MSNBC.

Fontes stated that Fontes’ post could have been considered a felony, and he called upon Mayes to investigate further.

Lake is not expected to comment.

Lake claimed in a tweet that the graphic was proof of election irregularities which she had been calling out.

“I think all the ‘Election Deniers’ out there deserve an apology,” She wrote.

Lake, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, has continued to contest her loss to Katie Hobbs in November’s midterm election. Hobbs prevailed by just under 17,000 votes.

Lake hosted Sunday’s event. “Save Arizona Rally,” wo she continued spreading lies about her race.

Trump was present at the Scottsdale event. spoke via phone According to Lake’s supporters, she will claim the title “victorious” She tried to change the outcome.

Trump has declared his candidacy to run for the 2024 election, but he hasn’t conceded his loss to Joe Biden, now President, in 2020, and has been pushing unverified claims of voter fraud.

Lake’s efforts to take her case to the courts have failed.

A December lawsuit was dismissed by a judge alleging that issues at polling stations where ballot printers were installed on Election Day had been intentional. According to The Associated Press,