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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich Have you teamed up? up for a marketing campaign with Wargaming‘s World of Tanks.

These Hollywood heavyweights will help players in December in Missions all over the world World of Tanks franchise’s Holiday Ops campaigns. Ahnold is a strong gun as he helped Machine Zone get Mobile Strike off to the ground. in 2017 in a Super Bowl ad.

Drumming is the ultimate goal up Support for World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz, and World of Tanks Modern Armor is available on the PC, mobile, and console. This is just one. of the first bigger projects we’ve seen from Wargaming since it had the difficult task of Russia: Russia’s exit in The wake of The Ukraine war

“I have played the hero in video game-based movies, but this is the first time ever I, myself, have had been put into an actual game, and I am ready for action,” Jovovich, in A statement. “Another first for me is that I am costarring with the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. With him at my side, we will be guiding players to a magical Holiday Village and handing out special gifts to the players in World of Tanks.”

Schwarzenegger and the Holiday Ops trailer. Jovovich Do the most important task
yet – to save the holidays for Arthur and his son Mikey. They will embark on a magical Holiday Express
Train them to go to the heart of The Holiday Village in World of Tanks.

“Last year I had an incredible experience with World of Tanks and when I was asked to return, I immediately replied ‘I´ll be back,’” said Schwarzenegger, in A statement. “I knew this year’s event was really going to be special and I was right. I am honored to star alongside the amazing Milla Jovovich, in our first time working together. The Holiday Ops rewards and challenges are even better this time, and I get to combine two of my favorite things; the holidays and tanks.”

The duo will be first encountered by tankers in The garage is where they will give quests and challenges. Arnie will be given to players who successfully complete these tasks. Milla Customization items include tank skins and themed emblems as well as decals and inscriptions. Milla Arnold’s voiceovers will be featured in World of Tanks Computer and console

Christopher Chung, World of Tanks Franchise Director, said it’s an honor to have the stars gracing the screens together for the first time in history, in World of Tanks.

“Like many of our millions of players around the world, I have watched movies starring Arnie
and Milla separately, over the decades,” Chung said, in A statement. “It’s truly a dream come true to partner with both global stars in our first-ever franchise-wide holiday celebration. There will be something special for our players on whichever platform they enjoy World of Tanks.”

The holiday events run from December 1 through January 9, 2023. Each game’s version has their own set of dates and holiday offerings, custom fit to for that platform’s gameplay.

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