In the midst of a meltdown TwitterOwner Elon Musk took the opportunity Friday to post a poll asking if Donald Trump’s account should be “reinstated” Use the social media platform.

His tweet said that there had been nearly 5 million votes by Friday, 7:47 PM EST. The survey was expected to continue for an additional 20 hours. The poll’s current status was not revealed.

The former president was removed Twitter In January 2021, his posts were seen as contributing to the deadly U.S. Capitol Riot earlier in that month.

Musk The survey he posted as chaos in his company has attracted a flood of curious visitors.

There are hundreds more Twitter After their leader made an ultimatum, employees seem to have quit their jobs on Thursday. “long hours at high intensity” — or leave.

Musk Had already made close to half of the workforceFrom approximately 7,500 to 3,700 employees. Sources: The New York Times You can find out more at estimated 1,200 additional workers Left Thursday and left the company “teetering on the edge.”

According to reports, engineering and content moderation departments were decimated.

On Friday morning Musk According to company messages seen by the Times, it was reaching out for assistance to employees.

“Anyone who actually writes software, please report to the 10th floor at 2 p.m. today,” He sent one message to the Times. “Thanks, Elon.”

It was about 30 minutes later. Musk He reportedly sent another email requesting information. Twitter’s “tech stack,” which refers to a company’s software and related systems. In Another email was sent by him asking for people to fly to. Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco to meet in person, according to the Times.

Many Twitter Users, in turn, have raced to this site to see if there are any workers. Fake accounts have been set up by posters, some even pretending to be. Elon Musk Tesla and Tesla, who reportedly have been tweeting porn without any moderators.