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By 2026, ten markets in Asia will Have more than billion gamersAccording to a new report by Market researcher Niko Partners.

India’s video games market has the highest projected five-year growth rate at 21%, according to the 2022 Asia-10 Games Market report.

Niko Forecasts that forecasts that despite a Global economy is challenging, PC and mobile gaming are key. will For the next five year, we will continue to see strong growth on the markets. Niko Partners Asia-10 is Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It also includes Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. Chinese Taipei, Japan. Korea.

Niko Partners The Asia-10 PC and the mobile game market is being planned will generate $35.9 billion By 2022, the price will be $41.4 billion In 2026.

Gamers are growing at a Much faster than the revenue. Niko Partners The Asia-10 Projects for PC and Mobile gamers will Total 788.7 millions in 2022, reaching 1.06 billion In 2026.

Lisa Cosmas Hanson President of Niko Partners

Niko Partners The 2022 forecast has been slightly revised from the 2021 prediction. This is due to the difficult global macroeconomic environment, regulatory impacts, and underperformance of growth areas like blockchain gaming, metaverse, and cloud gaming. The 2022 forecast is lower will Impact growth rates through 2026.

The fastest-growing markets in terms of games revenue are India, Thailand, Philippines, and the Philippines. a Number of gamers· Japan and Korea are the most mature markets in the Asia-10 region, accounting for over 77%  of
revenue. For 2022, Japan’s games revenue is down 2.6% YoY and Korea’s is flat.

India is home to 396.4 Million gamers. gamers50.2% of the total gamers Asia-10

Esports are back as a medal sport in 2022’s Southeast Asia Games, solidifying the inclusion of esports an official sport in the region. 5G saw remarkable rollouts in many countries, with Singapore, Korea and Japan having better coverage than last year.

Lower GPU prices and more console availability  

“In the face of a global macroeconomic environment that has led to slow economic growth, high inflation, lower consumer spending, and possible recession, we see gamers’ spending falling this year,” Lisa Hanson is president of Niko PartnersIn a statement. “That said, we are bullish on the games market in Asia, where gamers demand high-quality games, fair pricing, and are returning to in-person esports tournaments both as competitors and viewers.”

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She said, “We see favorable conditions due to the 5G rollout and lower chip prices in the second half of 2022.​ We see promise in esports in Japan where it is just getting started, and strength in the future of the industry in Southeast Asia thanks in part to the broadening availability of gaming education programs at the university level. Where regulators have let the games industry develop and offered support, the markets have flourished.”

Every market report contains a Market model with five-year forecast and comprehensive market analysis 2026 by Games segment, key data about game publishers, games rankings and growth drivers, as well as trends. This includes information about esports distribution, payments, financial transactions events, regulations and qualitative and quantitative analysis regarding gamer behavior, spending, and demand. This includes: a Survey of over 5,500 gamers.

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