DUBAI: At least five people were killed in Iran’s southwestern province Of Khuzestan Wednesday in What state media called a terrorist attack.
Iran’s According to state TV, 15 more were injured in The attack At the market in The city of Izeh. The semi-official ISNA Two gunmen are reported by news agency in A car opened fire on people.
Iran’s Ethnic Arab minority who live primarily in Arab countries in KhuzestanThey have participated in weeks of protests that were triggered by the death in Young Iranian woman in custody Mahsa Amini September 16,
“Five people were killed in the terrorist attack, including one child, one woman and three men,” Local officials Valiollah Hayati State TV.
ISNA has two members Iran’s volunteer Basij militia were among those killed.
The Islamic state claimed last month that it was responsible for an attack On a shrine in The Iranian city of Shiraz That killed 15 people were injured and many more.
Official Tasnim news agency stated that anti-government protesters set the Izeh seminary on fire. Videos posted on social media by Reuters showed the building being set on fire, while gunshots could also be heard.
Protests were sparked by the untimely death of a 22-year old Amini While in The custody of Iran’s Since the 1979 revolution, morality police has been a major challenge to the clerical leadership.
Social media reports indicated that Iranians maintained anti-government protests on Wednesday in spite of an ever more deadly state crackdown. Iranian authorities accused foreign enemies of inciting the unrest to destabilise Iran.