But ShangOnce the world’s top-ranked junior, is the youngest member of This promising wave also includes Wu Yibing (23) and Zhang Zhizhen (26).

They were all in the It is Melbourne’s biggest draw for this year. It is the First time that three Chinese men played singles. the Same major the 1968 was the beginning of an open era.

While Shang Wu, who was making breakthroughs on Court 13, was also on Court 14 adjacent and was engaged in grinding rallies against Corentin Mouutet of France lost in five sets before they won.

Wu also trained at IMG Academy. the Third round of last year’s U.S. Open, where Zhang lost in the First round. Here we are ShangThis is a left-handed, dynamic left-handeder that looks just like the Most promising talents of the group, and has now joined them at the same level.

“Now we have three players in the top 200, and I’m happy that I’m one of them,” Shang said. “The other two are like older brothers to me and have been on the tour a lot longer than me. We do practice a lot, and we do speak about how the game is right now and how we can push forward to a higher ranking. For me, each step is a learning step right now. I’m in a young stage of my career, only my second year playing professional tennis. So, for me, it’s just watching how they do things, like we’ve also watched Li Na and how she did things.”

Shang An earring is worn in his left ear.

“That’s something my dad had for a long time,” He stated. “When I was around 10 years old, I was like, ‘I want to be like dad,’ and so we went to get it together. I’ve had it for a long time.”