It would have been great to be a fly on our wall during filming “The White Lotus.” The second season was shot in an Italian resort. Aubrey Plaza Thoughts could be haunted. A recent interview with GQHarper Spiller’s actor, Jeremy, shared some paranormal events that he and his cast members experienced while filming.

Production started in February and then things got strange in March. PlazaAdam DiMarco (Albie Di Grasso) was the costar. He found the hotel’s reed diffusingrs in what has been called a “amazing” assembly. “Blair Witch–style symbol” On his dressing-room floor. A few days later, Plaza She found the exact same arrangement in her room. “I was definitely questioning my reality for a while there,” DiMarco shared his thoughts with the publication. “I didn’t know who to trust. It was like ‘Murder on the Orient Express.’ Everyone was the murderer.”

Cast members and long-term hotel guests were confused by the bizarre arrangements found throughout the hotel. However, the Four Seasons staff were not perplexed by the strange arrangements. “It’s Ms. Plaza,” The hotel staff spoke to GQ. GQ was able to question the hotel staff and they assured her that she was not to blame. “It was Beatrice! It was Simona!” Plaza said, shifting suspicion to Beatrice Grannò (Mia) and Simona Tabasco (Lucia).

Mike White, series creator, finds it believable Plaza The prankster was himself. “She’s a disruptor by nature,” He stated. “Aubrey’s the most fun. I said to her face, if I’m on a cross-country trip, I want nothing more than for you to be on that bus with me. But if I’m driving the bus, and you are on it, I want you off the bus.”