British street artist Bansky has unveiled his latest creation: a female gymnast on a destroyed building in Ukraine.

In an Instagram post, The anonymous artist uploaded three photos of the mural along with a simple caption. “Borodyanka, Ukraine.” The mural is in black and white. It features a gymnast doing a handstand over rubble at the building.

Borodyanka was a Ukrainian commuter community located 35 miles northwest from Kyiv. It was one of the first areas to be struck by Russian airstrikes following the February invasion. This town, which saw at least 200 deaths in Russian attacks on February 3, used to be home to around 13,000 people. It was described as a modest, simple place to live. In April, Ukraine retook the town.

Banksy didn’t give any further details, but many suspect that he was in the area after murals in Ukraine that were similar to his style were found.

Many believed that another mural, near the rubble in which the gymnast was shown was also a Banksy design. It showed a child throwing a man who many believed resembled Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, to the ground during a judo match. (Mr. Putin, a judo expert, is seen throwing a man to the ground.

Banksy’s anonymity has been maintained for nearly 20 years thanks to trademark law, nondisclosure agreements and a team that authenticates the work.

His street art, often with political and social undertones, can be seen from New York City to London, London, and other places around the world, including the West Bank. He has also done stunts like in 2018, when a painting collapsed just moments after it was auctioned for $1.4 million. A rigged frame had ripped the canvas. This painting was retitled “Love is in the Bin,” was resold by Sotheby’s in London for $25.4 million, a record for the artist.

He does everything possible to control the resale and stop fakes. Pest Control was established by Banksy in 2008 to authenticate his works and stop fakes and street pieces. Banksy’s works can now be sold by reputable dealers or auction houses only if they have Pest Control certification.

The agency did not respond immediately to a request for comments.