Governor engaged in a battle straight from the 1990s. DeSantis Florida Republicans want to be president to reform when, where, and how individuals can sue insurance companies in the state — a practice that has made Florida Trial lawyers are wealthy and well-respected. to Some of the most expensive liability insurance rates in America. 

In the following: statement The governor announced the plan and stated that he would implement it. to Curb “billboard” attorneys and their role in the state’s skyrocketing insurance rates.

“For decades, Florida has been considered a judicial hellhole due to excessive litigation and a legal system that benefitted the lawyers more than people who are injured,” Mr. DeSantis said. “We are now working on legal reform that is more in line with the rest of the country and that will bring more businesses and jobs to Florida.”

The Bill sought to Reduce trial attorney fees; provide more transparency to Juries are required to award lawsuit settlements. Florida’s “bad faith” Law so that only negligence would not be grounds for a lawsuit. 

The The president of the group of trial lawyers Florida Curry Pajcic of Justice Association stated that any tort reform bill under consideration would be curtailed Florida citizens’ right to Trial by jury. 

“Florida is under attack,” he wrote, saying the bill is “a direct assault on the rights of every Floridian by Corporate elites and insurance companies believe that they are able to dictate what rights can and should not be maintained.

“If the corporate elites are empowered to grab away our right to trial by jury, which right will they feel entitled to take next? Will they grab our guns? Our right to free speech? Empowering the rich and powerful is not what this country was founded on and not something any of us should stand for,” He said.  

Florida’s insurance rates have doubled in the last five years and are currently three times the national average. Professor of Finance at Florida International University Shahid Hamid says Exorbitant fees and high prices are due to “fraud and lawsuits.” 

Businesses are “still losing money in Florida because of this. And that’s part of the reason so many companies are deciding to leave,” According to Mr. Hamid. 

Insurance Companies operating in Florida From seeing over $800,000,000 in revenue in 2015 to now, to Due to losing almost $800 millions 2021 to Litigation to Personal injury and property damage to residences. These insurance companies suffered losses of more than $1B in 2020 and 2021. Their solution is to This increases the homeowner’s burden by increasing their rates quickly.

The vast majority of total American property insurance lawsuits — about 80 percent — are filed in the state of FloridaAccording to to The Insurance Information Institute. 

Tort Reform will play a crucial role in the next legislative session FloridaThis begins Tuesday. He is supported by large Republican numbers in the state senate as well as the house. DeSantis There is a chance to A number of victories were won by conservatives prior to his possible presidential run. 

Mr. DeSantis He has stated that reforming the libel laws should be a top priority. He called for the repeal of New York Times v. Sullivan — a Supreme Court decision that shielded the news media from most lawsuits. 

An Republican senator from the State of Texas is also pushing for bloggers being required to register with their state in order to cover Mr. DeSantis Or any other elected officials in the state. 

A key objective of Mr. DeSantis Is to He calls it the “excessive behavior of”. “woke culture.” He has one goal. to Cut funding for diversity and equity programs at state-funded colleges or universities.

Mr. DeSantis Plans also available to Sign up “constitutional carry” law — meaning a resident could carry a firearm without a permit — once it passes through the legislature.