BEIJING: The situation with coronavirus in China With the increase in deaths, it has turned grim once again. Covid-19 cases The number of people who are employed in the industry has risen to more than 25,000, with over 500 employees. BeijingThe city officials were forced to tell millions of residents that they should stay home and have daily testing.
Beijing It wore an unsettling look on Saturday as most of its residents stayed home. On Friday, several districts issued advisories to citizens, asking them to reduce cross-district personnel flow.
Official from Chaoyang district, the worst-hit The most populous area in the city and the reason residents were asked to stay indoors on weekends.
This sprawling area houses all the top government offices, commercial hubs, and thousands of residential communities.
Official media reported that Chaoyang’s district government advised residents to not leave the area except when absolutely necessary. If they do, they must submit negative nucleic acids test results within 48 hours.
Chaoyang and other districts of Dongcheng Xicheng Tongzhou are next. Yanqing, Changping, Shunyi Haidian uploaded the letters to their official media channels, asking people to cut down on cross-district personnel flow.
Due to the current epidemic prevention control measures, many major shopping malls have stopped serving dine-in customers.
Beijing Friday’s report: 515 Covid-19 cases While the Chinese mainland had a record of 25,000, casesAccording to official data, this is a very high level by Chinese standards.
The coronavirus spikes that occur periodically cases Nearly all cities are represented in China The past two years of lockdowns that have disrupted supply chains and the economy and caused people to lose their jobs has been a draining experience.
Reports indicate that there have been sporadic protests in Guangzhou’s industrial city.
In the early part of this month China It has removed the much-criticized zero-Covid policy and modified its zero-Covid policies “circuit breaker” If there are any positive developments, the policy is to suspend international flights Covid-19 cases They were detected at arrival, reducing the time it takes to quarantine international travelers from 10 to 8 days.
Observers are unsure if the virus is spreading due to continued spikes in its spread. China It will also be modified Covid-19 To gradually open up to other countries in an effort to revive the economy.