Ben & Jerry’s board of Directors rebuked Tuesday the sale of Products bearing any of the ice cream maker’s insignia in West Bank settlements, the latest salvo in the Vermont-based company’s feud with its corporate Over ice cream sales in the territories.

Last year Ben & Jerry’s board said it was going to stop selling its ice cream in Annexed east Jerusalem the occupied West Bank, saying the sales in the Territories to be sought the Palestinians are “inconsistent with our values.” They are often viewed by many people. the International community considered illegal and a hindrance to peace

Unilever, a consumer goods giant, bought Ben & Jerry’s in 2000, an announcement made earlier this year it was selling its business interest in Israel to a local firm that would buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream under its Hebrew and Arabic names throughout Israel the West Bank.

Ben & Jerry’s independent board said in a statement Tuesday that Unilever’s sale Despite this, it was possible to make the project. the board’s consent and any products sold by Blue & White Ice Cream Ltd. “should not be confused with products produced and distributed by Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc.”

“Ben & Jerry’s position is clear: the sale of products bearing any Ben & Jerry’s insignia in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is against our values,” the Statement.

Unilever in London did not return Tuesday an email they sent. the Company has stated in the It was past it did have the Right to the sale It was noted the deal had closed.

The acquisition agreement for 2000 was allowed the Ben & Jerry’s board to make decisions about the company’s social mission but it stipulated Unilever would have the Final word on operational and financial decisions

In August, a federal Judge rejected Ben & Jerry’s request to block Unilever has a plan to allow its Products to be sold in East Jerusalem the occupied West Bank. The judge agreed. Ben & Jerry’s failed to show that Unilever’s decision would hurt Ben and Jerry’s social mission or confuse its customers.

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