Sen. Bernie Sanders On Wednesday, he announced that he would hold a poll among his peers to determine whether Starbucks will be the CEO. Howard Schultz should be subpoenaed for the privilege to testify in front of a Senate committee.

The Vermont independent has been hammering the Starbucks co-founder over the company’s anti-union campaign against Workers United, a union that has organized nearly 300 of the chain’s stores. Now, Sanders ” Schultz Should be required to appear before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Sanders chairs.

“Unfortunately, Howard Schultz has given us no choice, but to subpoena him,” Sanders said on Twitter. “A multi-billion dollar corporation like Starbucks cannot continue to break federal labor law with impunity. The time has come to hold Starbucks and Mr. Schultz accountable.”

Sanders’ office said in a press release that the committee will hold the vote next Wednesday. The Senate and the committee both have a narrow majority of Democrats.

Sanders said the subpoena would be related to Starbucks’ “lack of compliance with federal labor law.” He said that he also hoped to “authorize a committee investigation into major corporations’ labor law violations.”

Workers United was subject to a lot of resistance from Starbucks Coffee Chains as it tried to organize coffee shops across the country since 2021. The general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board has issued dozens of complaints against the Seattle-based company, alleging it illegally fired workers, closed stores, and threatened to withhold raises and benefits so that employees wouldn’t unionize.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Wants Howard Schultz To testify in front of his committee, click here

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Sanders A letter was sent to Starbucks last month asking that they be granted my request. Schultz The CEO declined to testify in front of his committee. However, the company replied with a note stating that they did not plan on doing so. A.J. Jones II should take his place. Schultz He plans to retire from the top of the company’s hierarchy in March.

“Given the timing of the transition, his relinquishment of any operating role in the company going forward and what we understand to be the subject of the hearing, we believe another senior leader with ongoing responsibilities is best suited to address these matters,” Zabrina Jenkins, general counsel at Starbucks wrote the following: Sanders.

Schultz Starbucks face and has participated actively in anti-union campaigns, appealing directly to workers. The labor board’s general counsel has accused Schultz He was accused by the union’s lead organizer of violating the law during the campaign. In a sign of how contentious the campaign has been, the union’s lead organizer has called Schultz “the Al Capone of union-busters.”

After Starbucks rebuffed the senator’s request that Schultz Present yourself before the committee Sanders It was the answer “disappointing, but not surprising.”

“Apparently, it is easier for Mr. Schultz to fire workers who are exercising their constitutional right to form unions, and to intimidate others who may be interested in joining a union than to answer questions from elected officials,” Sanders said.