PHNOMPENH: On Sunday, President Joe Biden of the United States stated that Japan was his country and South Korea were “more aligned than ever” on North KoreaHe added that the company has maintained its tradition of excellence. “provocative behaviour”.
After a trilateral meet with Fumio, the Japanese Prime Minister, I was in Cambodia. Kishida South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, Biden called them their countries “critical allies” That share America’s concern about North Korea’s missile test.
Yoon of South Korea stated that North Korea’s latest provocations had shown its regime’s weakness. “nature against humanitarianism”Japan’s Kishida claimed that its actions were “unprecedented” Pyongyang could make more provocations.
“This trilateral summit is timely given we are expecting further provocation,” Kishida made the opening remarks of the three-way meeting.
“I look forward to strengthening the coordination between the U.S., South Korea, and Japan to respond firmly” He added that he was shocked at North Korea’s actions.
Biden also said that he discussed with them the possibility of expanding coordination support for Ukraine during the war with Russia as well as maintaining peace and stability at the Taiwan Strait. “common goals of a free and open Indo-Pacific”.