Three Black Police officers BuffaloNew York City police officers were accused of going on a racist rampage about a New York officer. Black A federal lawsuit states that male officers were involved in the investigation.

Brandon Hawkins, a veteran officer, and Katelynn Boden, a mental-health clinician with the department, filed Monday’s lawsuit against police Captain Amber Beyer, who is accused of making racial and prejudicial comments in front of a group of clinicians and officers.

This year, it was earlier. Buffalo Was the scene of a mass shooting in predominantly Black neighborhood. Treize people were killed, 10 of which were fatally. All but two were injured. Black. According to a county sheriff, the shooting was described as “amazing.” “racially motivated hate crime.” Officials from law enforcement said that the alleged gunman was looking for a spot with a high concentration. Black People to commit the massacre.

The three plaintiffs in Monday’s lawsuit work under Beyer with the police department’s behavioral health team.

Nate McMurray, an attorney representing the officers, said he was not shocked by Beyer’s alleged remarks, but said he’s surprised she is still in a position of power.

“She just continued to act like a bully. A racist bully,” McMurray spoke to The Sunday Review.

According to the suit Jason Wagstaff (an officer) showed Beyer a viral footage of an incident when two white officers pulled over in another jurisdiction. Black officer. Beyer watched the video and then launched into a 20 minute tirade. According to the lawsuit Beyer claimed Black Men cheat on wives more often than white men. Beyer spoke out, and Jamie Francis, a white officer, agreed.

“Right, Jamie?” Beyer asked.

The lawsuit claims that Francis did not acknowledge Beyer.

Beyer said it was a joke that everyone knew. Black Officers in the department are not faithful to their romantic partners.

According to the suit Beyer stated that she was suspicious of any attempt to arouse suspicion. Black woman if she found him in her neighbourhood, a predominantly white exurb Buffalo. She claimed that white officers suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome when they are exposed to predominantly black environments. Black Neighborhoods, such as the East Side of Buffalo. However, she claimed that Black officers aren’t similarly affected, because Black People are more used to violence than people of color and have a tendency to commit more.

Beyer left after making the alleged comments. According to the suit, many officers from the department sent shock texts to each other after Beyer made the alleged remarks. One officer filed an internal affairs complaint.

According to the lawsuit, Beyer also claimed that he became angry when an internal investigation was under way on May 11. He accused Wagstaff of being immoral and Bolden. “liars” And “gossips.” She stated that she had done nothing wrong.

Hawkins demanded that Beyer apologize for her comments. However, Beyer refused, as the lawsuit states.

Beyer’s racist comments continued on Sept. 29, the officers allege, after she printed out a Facebook post by a mentally unwell Buffalo citizen. Please read the following: “dramatic fashion,” Beyer repeatedly shouted the word “niggas,” Looking towards the three Black The lawsuit cites officers.

Bolden was offended and asked Beyer to clarify the matter. “N-word” instead.

“I’m just reading the post,” Beyer responded, allegedly.

Beyer was also accused in the lawsuit of discrimination. Black Employees by providing overtime hours to white officers who are less senior in order to allow them to attend conferences or events.

The Buffalo Police Department Responded not to a request for comment on this story.

The lawsuit seeks damages of $15 million.