A cold, rainy night. Newark, New Jersey, BLACKPINK BLINKS fans were better known for their stylish attire. Crowds entered the arena with their pink puffer jackets and black sequined skirts, mimicking the girl group’s iconic merch: a lightstick formed into a pink heart-shaped hammer. Fans embraced their BI-Pinging-Bongs with passion before the concert began. The energy was infectious. BLACKPINK’s entrance, and the moment they stepped on stage, they absolutely delivered.

It was the third time that Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa graced the stage at Prudential Center This year. Their long-awaited return single was released for the first and only time. “Pink Venom” The group won the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards in August with the song. They were the first Kpop solo K-Pop act to perform. Lisa was also the first KPop female artist to win best Kpop performance. The group also won Best Metaverse Performance. Blackpink The Virtual – PUB. Their two-day first day “Born Pink World Tour” Newark Stop, the girls confessed that they were nervous about being on stage after three years of not being on tour. They were able to bring their best to their fans on the second day and increased their energy.

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The quartet strutted confidently on the stage until the very first song. “How You Like that” Their debut studio album The Album. As they entered the new phase of their lives, their fierceness did not wane. “Pretty Savage” With their trademark smooth and steady choreography. They were excited to present themselves when it was time to introduce themselves. “It was intense yesterday, but today I feel completely blown away,” Rosé said of the crowd.

The group performed back to back hits throughout the first half of concert. “Lovesick Girls,” “Kill This Love,” “Crazy for You,” “Playing with Fire” They all performed the song with the same carefree emotions as the songs but maintained a strong intensity. They launched into the sentimental “Tally” Their latest album Born Pink, This song still retains strong girl emotions with its lyrics “Yeah, I say ‘f—k it’ when I feel it / ‘Cause no one’s keeping tally, I do what I want with you I like.” The members were joined by The Band Six, a grooving live band who also performed with YG Entertainment labelmates Big Bang, and their dedicated backup dancers for the latest single. “Pink Venom.” Amid their lively performances, the quartet wasn’t afraid to give credit when it was due. BLACKPINK The show’s hosts made sure that they kept mentioning the support and hard work of the audience.

Each member showcased the songs on their new album and then each one showed off their talents on their individual stages. Jennie opened the show by singing her single “Moonlight,” Rose graced the stage with a beautiful balance of romance, elegance, and mystery. Next up was Rosé, who sang “On the Ground” From her solo album -R- The versatility of the song’s feel-good vibes charmed the crowd. Lisa put together a remix of some of her most popular songs. “LaLisa” “Money” By dominating the stage and displaying her decades-long dance knowledge and flexible pole dancing, Jisoo was a force to behold. Lastly, Jisoo finished it off by covering Camilla Cabello’s “Liar” The audience cheered and applauded, and the performance was resounding.


Image courtesy of YG Entertainment.

The girls reunited to perform the second single together. Born Pink “Shut Down” They popped their personalities in “Typa Girl.” During the dance exemplar “Ddu-Ddu-Du-Du,” They asked their fans to point their fingers in unison with the chorus. The crowd responded enthusiastically. BLACKPINK They exuded energy on the stage. The set was closed with their fan-favorite song “Forever Young” But they returned for another memorable encore. The members were very comfortable in their own clothing and displayed a playful side by being extremely bubbly and lively during the final three songs.

The climax of “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” the younger members Lisa and Rosé gave their elder members Jennie and Jisoo piggyback rides and they ran down the extended stage giggling, much to the fans’ enjoyment. They ended the night with lots of fans love as they wrapped it up with “Stay” “As If It’s Your Last” Bombastic confetti work, lots and lots of hand hearts, waving. The warmth and connection between BLACKPINK Blinks will forever be sacred, and for two nights only Prudential Center Shined bright with pink love

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