The Sunday Review

The body of An Israeli Druze young man This was seized by Palestinian gunmen in Jenin It has been transferred to his familyThe Israeli military Thursday’s statement added that nothing had ever been given in return.

“We didn’t negotiate in any way with the gunmen that had the body,” During a briefing, an IDF spokesperson stated. “We didn’t give anything in return. I think at some point they understood that the consequences for this happening would have been very hard for the Jenin economy.”

Gunmen had stormed a Jenin Hospital and seized The body of Tiran Ferro was a former in a car accident in The West Bank, Authorities on Both Sides of Wednesday was the day of conflict. The gunmen demanded the return of The bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli They spoke of their troops.

Closed roads in Israel in Out of Jenin After the body had been removed, it was buried on Wednesday. seizedAfter it had been closed, they were reopened on Thursday. returned.

Jenin The Sunday Review was informed by Maj. Gen. Akram Rajoub, governor of the Palestinian Authority, that security officers from the Palestinian Authority had led negotiations to free the gunmen responsible for the death of the body.

“The PA General Intelligence Service had contacts with one of the kidnappers, which facilitated the body’s return to the General Intelligence Service headquarters in Jenin,” Rajoub stated.

Ferro was either alive or dead at the time that gunmen broke into his house. This is the subject of a dispute. his Hospital room in Jenin Taken his body.

Ferro’s father told Israeli On Wednesday, the teenager was reported by media that he had been removed from life support. But Jenin The Sunday Review was informed by Governor Akram Rajoub that Ferro had died. his The body was taken.

Ferro’s father said: “When we were in The hospital, we were standing in Front of The intensive care unit. My son was connected to The ventilator, and had a heartbeat. My son and brother were there, but suddenly it was a gang. of 20 masked men entered the room screaming. We stood by There was nothing we could do.

“They kidnapped the body in front of my eyes,” Ferro’s father told reporters on camera.

But Jenin The Sunday Review was told by governor Rajoub that Ferro was deceased. his The body was taken.

The Jenin Brigade, a militant group from Palestine. in Wednesday was the official day for West Bank refugee camps in a statement obtained by The Sunday Review reported that the body was being held by it of Ferro demanded that Israel turn over all bodies of Palestinians killed by The IDF in Israel’s possession. It also claimed that it had raised the state. of Its members are alert in Anticipation of Israeli Storming the city by forces Jenin camp.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapi vowed Wednesday “the kidnappers would pay a heavy price” if Tiran’s Ferro’s body was not returned: “Israel has proven in recent months that there is no place and no terrorist that it does not know how to reach.”

Lapid claimed that Ferro was going to Celebrate his He celebrated his 18th Birthday on Thursday. He was a member of The Druze The Sunday Review interviewed leaders from minority communities and other community groups.