Human remains belonging to four infants These were located inside a Boston apartment This was earlier in the month police said.

Boston police Inside the freezer, discovered what appeared like a human embryo or infant. of The South Boston apartment They were called to investigate around 2:05 p.m. on November 17.

Boston police The announcement was made remains It belonged to two boys, and two girls.
Boston 25 News

Investigators found additional human remains the next day. remains Assumed to be of infants The inside of the apartmentThe address is 838 East Broadway in Section City Point of According to a press release, the city.

Human remains belonging to four infants were found inside a Boston apartment earlier this month.
Police discovered remains of An infant or fetus in a freezer.
Boston 25 News

Monday Boston police It was announced that remains Four of them were the owners infants in total — two boys and two girls, after the Chief Medical Examiner performed autopsies. The results of The autopsies remain pending. police said.

The Boston Police Homicide Detectives and Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office are investigating.

There have been no arrests.